Our Values

It is the mission of HET to deliver professional, responsible and accountable care to our patients,  physicians and hospital partners.


    HET is dedicated to the vision of being recognized as the best, most comprehensive, professional and capable perfusion, autotransfusion and ECMO services company in the world. HET has a “can do” attitude and we strive to share our positive attitude and exceptional knowledge with our customers.

    Core Values:

    Integrity – You can never go wrong doing the right thing.

    Accountability – Personal and professional accountability are two of the most attractive traits of any healthcare provider.

    Availability and Responsiveness – Real people, with loving families depend on us to be there. These are real lives and our profession demands we give all we can for others in need.

    Education – Education is a lifelong process. In healthcare, even more so. We hold our responsibility to maintain our continuing education learning as a cornerstone of our professional privilege.

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