Autotransfusion—Cell Saver

HET autotransfusion services perform over 3,000 cases in over 25 hospitals and surgery centers in the Houston and Greater Houston Metropolitan areas.

    HET autotransfusion staff are regarded as having the highest of professional standards and are highly skilled at their craft.

    We tailor our autotransfusion service to fit your patient. We stock a variety of bowl sizes so that we can return the patient’s own red blood cells even with a total blood loss of as little as 200 milliliters.

    Houston Extracorporeal Technologies Autotransfusion Services provides:

    • Professional Autotransfusion Specialists
    • Equipment
    • Disposable sets
    • Quality control testing
    • Quality assurance reporting
    • Platelet gel and Bone Marrow Aspirant preparation
    • Training of hospital surgery team to collect on an emergency basis until our team arrives

    HET autotransfusion strives to be a good steward of resources and will collect until sufficient blood loss has occurred to process, before opening the more expensive processing bowl assembly to help reduce the cost to our partner hospitals.